Flatiron School Final Blog Post

Today I want to share the experience I had with Flatiron School. Flatiron School is a great Bootcamp that helps students to get into tech within a few weeks or months. I’m proud of myself for completing the Software Engineer course at Flatiron School. There were few down and up from the beginning to the end.

I feel I made the greatest decision to study Software Engineer at Flatiron School. In the beginning, there was some downside because I was feeling that I do not understand a lot of the concepts that I was getting.

My first language with Flatiron School was Ruby and Ruby it is a friendly and easy language that can fit a lot of people, some words can be understood as normal English. Ruby as my first language in programming was a great start.

The process that Flatiron School has I think it is one of the best, in my opinion, they teach the basic and more advanced concepts of the language. For example at the time I start with Flatiron School it was Ruby and they were moving to a section where you still use Ruby but with more stuff like Sinatra then they move to Ruby on Rails. This process helps every person who is studying Ruby to understand in detail what is going on when you get into Ruby on Rails.

I’m excited to continue this programming journey I enjoying everything I’m doing.



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Luis Castillo

Luis Castillo

Software Engineer / Full-Stack Developer in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, SQL, HTML5, CSS3